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So Pho So Good is the realisation of a dream to bring Vietnamese food to the heart of Glen Iris in a clean and contemporary environment that is instantly welcoming.

Open for lunch every day and dinner Thursday to Sunday, we offer quick and easy takeaway or convenient dine-in options designed to suit a range of palates. Dishes range in complexity from simple and delicious banh mi (Vietnamese baguette sandwich) to more complex offerings like banh cuon (steamed rice crepes). In addition to these classics, the menu also features a wide variety of vegetarian-friendly options – and every dish is proudly MSG-free.

For those who enjoy a drink with their meal, BYO is welcome. For coffee lovers, only the finest is on offer thanks to acclaimed roastery Padre, perfectly accompanied by hand bottled milk from Fitzroy producer St David Dairy.

Our fitout is an ode to natural beauty and rustic industrial design, with a family (and dog) friendly courtyard at the rear that’s perfect for cosy winter chats or long summer nights. A photo taken in Vietnam by Leo himself hangs behind the counter as a daily reminder of the inspiration behind the menu’s many tasty dishes.

With ample parking out back and entry both via the courtyard and the street, it’s easy and fun to sample the best in Vietnamese food with our laid back, easy and fresh take on lunch and dinner. Come and see us anytime. We’d love to have you.



Something Light


Gỏi Cuốn (GF) please ask for GF dipping sauce  

rice paper rolls filled with mint, lettuce and vermicelli, served with dipping sauce and crushed peanuts

Lemongrass beef 3.8ea
Chargrilled chicken 3.8ea
Vegetarian (vegan sauce available) 3.8ea


Chả Giò 9

spring rolls (4) served with lettuce, mint and dipping sauce

Pork, Chicken or Vegetarian 9
Seafood 9.8


Bánh Bao steamed buns 3.8

BBQ Pork
Sweet Custard


Bánh Mì 9

baguette with cucumber, coriander and pickled carrots

Chargrilled pork 9
Chargrilled chicken 9
Vegetables & tofu or Lemongrass beef 9
Roast Pork Belly 9.8


Bánh Cuốn (GF) 14.8

steamed rice crepes
Traditional – minced pork filled crepes, topped with sliced pork sausage, cucumber, bean sprouts and mint
Vegetarian – filled with cabbage, carrot, leek, lemongrass tofu
* Chilli on the side (vegan sauce available)


Fried Rice (entree size) (GF)  9.8

with chinese sausage, egg, prawn, peas, sweetcorn and carrots


Something More

Phở (GF) please ask for gluten free noodles  

rice noodle in broth

Beef thinly sliced beef 14
Chicken   14
Veg tofu, vegetables & mushrooms (vegan friendly) 14
Fish fillets in chicken broth 15.8
Combo sliced beef, meatball & gravy beef 16.8


Bò Kho (GF) with rice 18.8

vietnamese-style beef stew full of aromatic spices, carrots and fresh herbs
served with crusty baguette, noodles or rice

Bún Bò Hue 16.8

spicy beef noodle soup
spicy soup with lemongrass, sliced beef, gravy beef pork sausage, banana blossom and bean sprouts

Pork Wonton Soup 15.8

served with sliced chicken, shallots, coriander and mushroom

Bún (GF) without spring roll 14.8

warm vermicelli salad served with spring roll, lettuce, cucumber and peanuts
* Chilli on the side

Lemongrass beef, Chargrilled chicken or pork 14.8
Vegetarian tofu & cabbage  (vegan sauce available) 14.8 
Roast Pork Belly 15.8 


Cơm Tấm (GF)

broken rice with fried egg, cucumber, pickled carrots and radish
*Chilli on the side

Chargrilled pork or chicken 14.8
Vegetarian (vegan sauce available, no egg) 14.8
Roast Pork Belly 15.8


Cấ Ri Vit (GF) with rice 22.8

duck curry, mild curry with eggplant, snakebean and taro
served with crusty baguette, noodles or rice

Cấ Ri Chay (GF) with rice 18.8

vegetarian curry, tofu curry with mushroom, babycorn, eggplant, snake bean and taro, served with crusty baguette, noodles or rice

Cháo Gà (GF) without doughnut sticks 14.8

rice congee with chicken
staple comfort food for most Asian cultures, for any time of day
served with doughnut sticks, beansprouts, ginger and coriander

Cháo Cà (GF) without doughnut sticks 15.8

rice congee with fish
cooked in bone broth, it’s silky smooth texture makes it a favourite for all ages


Something Fresh

Gỏi Du Dủ (GF) 15.8

green papaya salad with prawn, mint, onion, peanuts and dressing
*Chilli on the side

Viet slaw (GF) 14.8

shredded cabbage salad with poached chicken, herbs, onion, crushed peanuts and house special dressing
Tofu option with vegan sauce available

Bò Tái Chanh (GF) 16.8

rare beef salad
lemon-cured beef with onion, pickled carrot and radish, mint, shallots, crushed peanuts and prawn crackers
*Chilli on the side


Something sweet

Premium Ice Cream 6.8

Green Tea
Black Sesame



Kem Chuối 4.8

Homemade banana ice cream on a stick, coated with coconut milk and crushed peanuts


Rainbow Jelly with Lychee & Jackfruit 6.8

Served with shaved ice and coconut milk

Coconut & Peanut Filled Crepes with ice cream 9.8


Waffle with Ice Cream 9.8




Coffee by Padre

Regular 4 Large 4.5 Soy/Almond +.50c

Caffe Latte, Cappucino, Flat White, Long Black, Macchiato, Espresso

Cà Phê Sữa Đá 4.8/5.5

vietnamese coffee – hot or with ice

Iced Latte 4.8
Iced Coffee with Vanilla Ice Cream 6.5
Iced Mocha 6.8


Chai Latte 4.5
Hot Chocolate Regular 4.0    Large     4.8


Teas by Larsen & Thompson 4.5

Peppermint, English Breakfast, Earl Grey​, Lemongrass & Ginger, Yunnan Green

Nước Dưa 6.5

Fresh whole coconut

Sinh Tố
lychee smoothie
mango & jackfruit smoothie


Nước Dá Chanh 5.5

Vietnamese iced lemonade (not fizzy)

Nước Cam 6.5

Freshly squeezed orange juice

Nước Tác Muoi 6.8

Homemade cumquat freeze

Milk Shakes 6.8

Chocolate, Vanilla, Espresso

Fizzy Drinks 4

Organic cola, coke, coka no sugar, lemonade, ginger beer, lemon lime and bitters, raspberry

Kombucha 5

Raspberry, ginger

Voss 4.5

Sparkling or still water

Juices 4.5

peach kiwi mango
orange guava pineapple paw paw
banana lychee mango

Iced Tea 4.5


Alcoholic Drinks  
Asian Beers 8

saigon special
333 (ba ba ba)

Cider 8.5

lychee gold (low cal. 1.15%) – Australia
kirin fuji apple – Japan

Wine 8

SA shiraz
NZ sauvignon blanc

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25 High Street Glen Iris 3146
(03) 9885 2846

11am TO 9pm